We are advocates and true believers in the healing properties that medicinal cannabis can offer. We understand it can be challenging for seniors and adults with disabilities to get to a store. Our team at MedMart Direct is ready to deliver our members with top quality medicinal grade cannabis to the Lower Mainland. We ensure all our products adhere to the highest quality. You have come to the right place for affordable and effective medicinal cannabis delivered directly to your doorstep.

Our products are only the highest of quality and come from accredited and safe suppliers. We guarantee that all our products are safe and the best around. From the cbd flower to the the technologically smart batteries we guarantee everything we sell.

Why Choose MedMart Direct

We also offer fast, discreet and inexpensive delivery for all of our orders. Each package from MedMart Direct is carefully packed and shipped to arrive to you in quickly so you can get to feeling better as soon as possible.

Since we see the cannabis plant as a wonderful medicine that can treat all types of ailments from PTSD, insomnia, depression, pain and anxiety we want to make sure that your medicine is the best we can possibly provide.

We invite you to register to become a member and start to explore how medicinal cannabis can help improve your life and get it back on track.

Benefits of Choosing MedMart Direct

Here are some benefits to ordering from MedMart Direct:

  • Same Day Delivery in Select Areas
  • Knowledgeable staff that is ready to help you
  • Top quality, medicinal cannabis and products
  • Wide selection of strains and products to get just the right effect you need
  • Wide selection of cannabis topicals, capsules and vaporizers for alternative dosing

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