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Pre-Rolled Hybrid Mix (0.5g)


Pre-Rolled Death Bubba 5 Pack


Pre-Rolled Jamie’s Death Bubba (0.5g)


Pre-Rolled Jamie’s Death Bubba

Jamie’s Death Bubba is a specific strain of Death Bubba. The buds are typically lighter green than the regular Death Bubba strain. This variation of the Death Bubba features a sedating effect to both body and mind. The smell and aroma is skunky and sweet with an herbal taste. Recommended for medical users looking for a strong sedative.y.


Premium Indica Mix Pre-Roll 1.25g dipped in Kief


Pre-Rolled Healer Kush (0.5g)

Pre-Rolled Comatose 5 Pack


Pre-Rolled Comatose 5 Pack (0.5g each pre-roll)

Comatose is super sticky indica dominant hybrid strain. Although its heritage is kept a closely guarded secret, this bud is infamous for its super potent buzz and long lasting effects that are best suited for kicking back at night. This heady effect very quickly turns heavy as your body settles into a deep and peaceful body high that leaves you couch-locked and utterly sedated for hours and hours on end without relief.

Pre-Rolled JZ Super Lemon Haze (0.5g)


Pre-Rolled JZ Super Lemon Haze (0.5g)

Pre-Rolled Island Pink (0.7g)


Pre-Rolled Pink Gas (0.7g)

Pre-Rolled Girl Scout Cookies (0.7g)