Refer a Friend & Earn Rewards

How do I refer a friend?

We’ve made the whole process very easy. To refer a friend and earn $15 worth of reward points all you have to do is navigate to your My Account page. On that page you will find your Referral Link.

Send this link to friends and you will get a 1500 points, or $15 worth of reward points, credited to your account. . Its just that easy!

You friend has to use the exact link that appears on your My Account page when they make a purchase. If they do not use your link, then you will not get your points when they make a purchase.

How Many Times Can I Earn My $15 worth of points?

You can earn your $15 of points as many times as you have friends to refer. For each friend you refer, and they make a purchase, you will get 1500 points credited to your account.

If my friend makes more than one purchase, do I get more coupons?

No, your link will work only once per friend. You will earn your points when your friends make their first purchases, but you will then not make any more coupons when they make additional purchases.

Can I stack my points?

Yes, you can stack points together to get an even larger discount.

Need fast registration for your referral?

We can register your friend for you too! Just email us
your friends following information:

First and Last Name
Phone number
Date of birth

Once your friend makes their first purchase we will provide you with a $15 credit to your account in reward points and $20 worth of freebies in your next order with us!